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The artist's imperative, aside from creation, is discovery. I don't mean discovery by others. Discovery of new mediums and techniques, and, most importantly, discoveries the artist makes about himself/herself. Pushing boundaries and comfort zone. I am an abstract painter and craftsperson. However, quite by accident, I stumbled upon another medium that lured me away from my paints and challenged me to go beyond. A small digital microscope, purchased as a gift for my son, attached to my laptop, became an exploratory tool not for science, but for art. I turned this device on objects in my surroundings, and finally on myself, most intimately. The particular technology of this microscope camera played with contrasts, depth, light, flesh, in unexpected and sometimes uncontrollable ways. It forced me to give up my artistic agendas and follow it's lead as to what to shoot, explore, discover.

I hope that the viewer will marvel, as I did, at the outcome of my experiments in photography. Hopefully this will prompt another artist to break away, even temporarily, from what they are accustomed to. I imagine that the images shown here will delight and disturb equally, and that you will discover yourself.

Should you be interested in knowing more about my fine art, you can visit my painting website at www.debbiedavies.net and also visit www.theiloveyouproject.net where I collaborated with other artists on a global initiative using this microscope technology.


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